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Municipal elections are held on the first Tuesday of March and a runoff election, if necessary occurs on the fourth Tuesday of April. All city officials elected during the March elections takes office on May 1. The supervisor of elections Hillsborough County is responsible for all municipal elections hinein the city.

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Petersburg. As indicated by their names, these teams, plus several other sports teams, represent the entire Tampa metropolitan area. Tampa Bay's current professional teams have won eight combined championships in their respective leagues.

Uceta Rail Yard on Tampa's east side services CSX as a storage and intermodal freight transport facility. Freight and container cargo operations at the city's seaports also depend upon dockside rail facilities.[214] Seaports

Tampa is governed under the strong mayor form of government. The Mayor of Tampa is the chief executive officer of city government and is elected rein four-year terms, with a Grenzmarke of two consecutive terms. The current mayor is Jane Castor, Weltgesundheitsorganisation took office on May 1, 2019.[188] City Council

Tampa is the largest city hinein the Tampa Bay area and the seat of Hillsborough County. With an estimated Individuenbestand of 398,173 rein 2022, Tampa is the 49th-most populous city in the country and the third-most populous city in Florida after Jacksonville and Miami.

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Downtown Tampa is undergoing significant development and redevelopment rein line with a general Bundesweit trend toward urban residential development. Hinein April 2007, the Tampa Downtown Partnership noted development proceeding on 20 residential, hotel, and mixed-use projects.[128] Many of the new downtown developments were nearing completion in the midst of a housing market slump, which caused numerous projects to Beryllium delayed or revamped, and some of the 20 projects TDP lists have not broken ground and are being refinanced.

Occasionally, a late-season cold front pushes through the area, potentially bringing a brief round of severe weather followed by a few days of unseasonably cool temperatures. Monthly averages

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Overall, Tampa continued to expand away from the city center during the 1960s as new hospitals, schools, churches and subdivisions all began appearing to accommodate the growth. Many business offices began moving away from the traditional downtown office building into more convenient neighborhood office plazas.[54]

The U.S. Census accounts for race by two methodologies: "Race alone" where Hispanics are allocated to the various racial categories and "Race alone less Hispanics" where Hispanics are excluded from the racial categories and delineated separately get more info as if a separate race.

 A tugboat pushes a barge at the Port of Tampa. The Hafen of Tampa is the largest Hafen in Florida in Pro zeiteinheit bearbeitete aufträge tonnage, making it one of the busiest commercial ports rein North America.[215] Petroleum and phosphate are the lead commodities, accounting for two-thirds of the 37 million tons of total bulk and general cargo handled by the port hinein 2009.

When the pioneer community living near the U.S. Army outpost of Fort Brooke was incorporated hinein 1849, it welches called "Tampa Town" and the name welches shortened to simply "Tampa" in 1855. The earliest instance of the name "Tampa", in the form "Tanpa", appears in the memoirs of Hernando de Escalante Fontaneda, World health organization spent 17 years as a captive of the Calusa and traveled through much of peninsular Florida. He described Tanpa as an important Calusa town to the north of the Calusa domain, possibly under another chief. Archaeologist Jerald Milanich places the town of Tanpa at the mouth of Charlotte Harbor. The entrances to Tampa Bay and Charlotte Harbor are obscured by barrier islands, and their locations, and the names applied to them, were a source of confusion to explorers, surveyors and map-makers from the 16th century through the 18th century.

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